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Southwest Florida's Custom Painting and Restoration

Protect and bring new life to your property. Custom Painting and Restoration offers quality commercial and industrial painting for the greater Southwest Florida area.

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Bring New Life And Protection to Your Property

Curb appeal is nice for a home, but is critical for a business. The way your building looks reflects on your company and it can affect your business. Clients, customers and even employees make lasting opinions based on the first impression of your exterior.

Not only attractive, a fresh coat of paint helps to protect and maintain the integrity of your property. It creates a barrier from strong Florida climate and can provide a reflective surface to the sun, resulting in lower energy costs. All of this helps your property last longer and saves you money from future maintenance.

We aim to develop relationships with each of our clients and look forward to doing so with you to improve the look and longevity of your property. Our team is eager to answer all your questions regarding price, materials, workmanship, and procedures.

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David D. Lanaux, Title Professionals of Florida

David D. Lanaux
Tile Professionals of Florida

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The building looks great but what impressed me even more than that was the attention to detail you guys took. Your crew was extremely accommodating and made getting the job done very easy. Or at least that’s how it appeared to me. My office is in the building and I was there every day (accept weekends of course). It seemed like you guys weren’t even here.

My customers were not inconvenienced and did not complain at all in regards to the work going on. My tenants loved the work done as well.