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Concrete Restoration Services

Over time, concrete erodes and suffers damage from various environmental conditions, accidental damage, and normal wear and tear that happens with time. Concrete repair is a specialized service that can save you time and money when done properly. You’ll want to protect structural concrete by fixing defects so that issues don't get worse. Maintenance like restoring, repairing and cleaning old concrete will preserve your property and extend its usability.

Custom Painting and Restoration works with select manufacturers to repair or replace deteriorated, defective, and damaged concrete. Our restoration and protection techniques coupled with years of experience bring long lasting value to each client. Our experience also enables us to complete projects on budget and on time.

Concrete Restoration Services:

  • Settling Foundations

  • Spalled Concrete, Corroding Reinforcing Steel

  • Cracked Decks, Walls, Structural Supports

  • Handrail Repairs and Stanchion Anchorages

  • Repair of Stucco

  • Repair of all Structural Columns, Beams, Slabs, and Footings